Friday, April 22, 2011

Rest and Relaxation

I hope everyone is taking time over this break to rest and relax. I know that past couple of days have been very relaxing as I have had some time outdoors and with family. It's nice to sit back and enjoy having some time to think. This past week, I was working on the master schedule, which makes us think about next year, and changes that have to be made, or things that need to be tweaked. As you know, from previous entries, Virginia is working on a growth model to measure student growth - the crux of making this accountability measure happen - the master schedule of course. I have always said that no single thing in schools has a greater impact than the master schedule. It truly affects everyone in the school - yes, bigger than the budget. Therefore, it is so important to constantly revisit and revise the schedule to meet your organizational needs every year. It was nice to be able to work on the schedule when I had time to think - the trouble shoot - and review as needed.