Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Book Discussion with my nephew

Last night I had a conversation with my nephew who is already back in school. We talked about the opening days and how things were going. We also had a conversation about the books that he was reading. He explained that reading wasn't really fun for him and that he didn't particularly enjoy the classroom library. To further his frustration, every time he went to the public library, every copy of the Wimpy Kid was either checked out or lost. He was convinced that they were never going to have that book. I asked him one easy question: "If you were reading books about football or things that you liked, you would read more of them?" And from the mouth of a 3rd grader, "Well of course!" Something for us to think about is student interest and empowerment when it comes to learning and materials. My nephew is only 8, but I think he speaks for kids everywhere - please, give me a choice and I will show greater interest. My charge to anyone who works with children, think about appropriate times and places where they can have a choice. Empowerment is a wonderful tool. I know it works on me!