Saturday, March 26, 2011


When we think about where we live, we strive for a nice and safe. When we think about where we work, we strive for collegiality. When we think about where we play, we want everyone to demonstrate sportsmanship. This list goes on, but one common thread in all of these is community. A word that can have multiple meanings and purposes. Last night I participated in the FCCPS March Mayhem event, which demonstrated a strong sense of community. We filled the gym, raised money for the PTA's, played a fun game of basketball, and demonstrated our school spirit. An event that can bring together over 1000 people for the purpose of the betterment of our schools - that's community! Faces of all ages sporting their school colors, signs for their favorite staff player, and overall excitement for the game. A fun, yet spirited, way to show love and pride for community and school. I want to personally thank the parents who organize this event every year as well as the staff members who agree to play. What a way to start a weekend!