Monday, November 11, 2013

Recharging the Battery

We remember to do this with our electronic devices; however, we often skip our own, and decide rather to run on fumes.  But what is our productivity rate if we are tired, sluggish, and our judgement is less than 100%?  Staying rested, fueling our body with healthy items, and keeping fit is a key to remaining successful in our busy lives.  One of my favorite authors frames his life like this when considering whether he will do anything - "Will this (insert anything) help me become the best version of myself?"  So do I take a nap or go for a long walk?  Do I eat veggies or french fries?  Do I watch TV or read a good book?  It seems simple enough when you think about becoming the best version of yourself.  So this weekend, I decided that recharging my own battery would be the key to helping me be back on the road to being the best version of myself.  Nothing like a three day weekend to relax, catch up on life, and get in some great exercise.  Don't let your battery get into the red warning sign - take the time to charge up!