Sunday, January 15, 2012

PLC's and Pyramid of Interventions

What do we do when students don't respond?  What happens when our normal day to day instruction doesn't produce the results we were hoping?  As educators, we are faced with the fact that students (and adults in my opinion) learn differently and at different rates.  At times, this can create a divide in our classrooms which makes it difficult to meet the needs of all students.  So what do we do and where do we go?  In the PLC model, we consult with our colleagues and plan for when students don't respond.  Collaboration and intervention together are a very powerful tool.  This book highlights the use of the PLC model to provide intervention to students who may struggle with learning concepts and may need a bit more help in the classroom.  PLC's and implementing the pyramid of interventions has huge implications for positive change in schools centered around student learning and growth.  This book is a great read for anyone looking at either or both.